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After a successful career at director level in the retail trade Ian's experience of dealing with customers, staff, and suppliers gave him an insight into the effective and ineffective ways in which people deal with life. He has since studied, counselling, hypnotherapy, natural healing (Reiki) , past life regression, core energy management and work based motivational studies. He uses his intuition, experience and business skills to provide a unique service, enabling people to resolve problems in their life. He helps them to see their own solutions.

He believes that we all have the energy and power to change our lives dramatically. There is a theory that imbalances in energy are a main cause of many diseases and problems. Research has shown that we can create our own drugs within the body to enhance our well being and happiness.* Ian works at helping people balance their energy through healing on an emotional, physical and/or a spiritual level.

This may be beneficial in the following areas: stress, bereavement, relationship difficulties (either work or personal), lack of self esteem, assertiveness, identity, depression, family problems, major life changes, emotional distress, anxiety, panic attacks, and physical ailments.

* William Bloom The Endorphin Effect Judy Piatkus 2001
ISBN 0-7499-2158-7

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