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  Ian has worked with a number of organisations. The main agencies are Victim Support, Aids and HIV Carers Group and Friends for Life. He also worked in a Primary Care setting. A number of national organisations and Employee Assistance Programmes used Ian's services for counselling staff on various issues. The Diploma in Counselling (Person Centred) was gained from Strathclyde University. He holds the Certificate in Hypnotherapy of the British Medical Hypnotherapy Examinations Board.

He is a CCC Registered Counsellor, and works in accordance with the CCC Code of Practice, and is subject to the CCC Independent Complaints Procedure.

A compassionate approach centering on the person as an individual with their own unique concerns, problems and aspirations allows them to explore these issues in a safe and confidential environment.
He has also worked with many clients on wide and varied issues, e.g., accident injuries, victims of assault, adult victims of child abuse, redundancy, depression, relationship difficulties, financial problems (business and private), stress in the family and the workplace. Finding solutions to personal issues can bring a sense of contentment, a greater happiness and enhance performance in business, professional or private life. In addition many clients have found that the symptoms of physical ailments reduce or are eliminated completely by addressing these issues.

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